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Services and Pricing for Dog Care:
I offer a variety of pet sitting options to assist you in
caring for your dog.  If you are going on vacation or
need someone to come by while you are at work
and let you dog out, I have you covered. I can do
visits in your home or take your furry friend to a local
dog park. Does you dog get lonely? I offer overnight
stays. I also provide pet taxi service.
Overnight Pet Sitting:  
I stay in you home for 12 hours in the
evening (usually 7PM to 7AM). I give
your pets plenty of attention and a
morning and evening walk. I also keep
an eye on your home as well as
watering house plants, bringing in
newspapers and mail, taking out trash
and anything else we discuss.
Overnight Stays are
$50 per night. A mid-day
potty break can be
added for only $10.
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Dog Visits/Walks while your on vacation:
I can come by as many as three times per
day. I offer visits in 15 minute, 30 minute and
1 hour increments. Includes a walk, feeding
and meds if necessary. I bring in mail, water
plants and keep an eye on your house. If
your dogs are OK being let outside instead of
walked the price is a little less.
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Vacation Dog Sitting Rate:

With a walk:
15 minute walk $12
30 minute walk $16
60 minute walk $25

Without a walk:
15 minute visit $10
30 minute visit $13
60 minute visit $20
Dog Visits/Walks while your are at work
or play:
This is a great option if you need someone
to come by and care for your dog while you
are working. I require a window of time in
order to schedule you. I offer visits in the
following time frames:

5 am - 8 am walks       
8 am-11am walks
11am-2 pm walks
(lowest availability, only
available in some areas, please call)
2 pm-5 pm walks
5 pm-8 pm walks
(Later visits are harder to schedule but may
be possible)

Dogs can be leash walked in your
neighborhood. Two dogs from the same
household can be walked together at no
additional charge. Your dogs will not be
walked with other family's dogs. I never walk
a dog off leash in an area where it would be
a violation of city law to do so.
Regular Dog Walk Price:  There is a rate for walks
and a rate if you just want your dog let outside.  If you
order 4 or more on a weekly basis the walks are the
same rate as the visits that do not include walks.
I encourage you to examine the
various pricing options and mix
the visit types to best fit your
situation and possibly save a
little money.
If the following list of
prices and services is confusing
please call and tell me. I will try to
help you get the most benefit from
my service at the best rate. I am not
trying to make this more confusing
than it should be. There are a lot of
Pet Taxi, Pet Supply Store Run, Etc.
I can shuttle your pet to and from veterinarian visits, doggy day
care or any place you would like. I can also make shopping
trips for you if you are too busy or unable to make them
yourself. If there is something you would like me to do that I
have not thought of please call and ask.
Trip to get a key $10:The initial consultation is free (as a bill
credit). So have a key ready for me then. After the initial
consultation there is a $10 trip charge. I do offer customers the
option of retaining a key for future visits. This will save you the
trip charge. If you do not want me to retain a key you can avoid
the charge by hiding a key outside for me beforehand, but this
is not the prefered method.

Holiday Surcharge:
There is no extra charge for visits and walks on holidays. I'm a
pet sitter. Pet sitters work on holidays. That's the way it is.

After Hours Surcharge:
There is no extra charge for morning and evening visits. In fact
sometimes they are easier to schedule than mid-day visits.
Other Charges:
Basic Rates For Walks:

15 minute walk $12
30 minute walk $16
60 minute walk $25
Rates for yard visits of regular 4 day
a week or more walking service:

15 minute visit $10
30 minute visit $13
60 minute visit $20