The PDX Pets on the GO! 48 Hour
Availability Guarantee
If you are an established client and you call for service with 48 hours notice I
guarantee that I will  provide service. There is no additional charge for taking
advantage of this guarantee. I am not the only Portland pet sitter to offer last
minute service, but I am the only one who will not charge you a substantial
last minute service charge. My guarantee is more than just words: If I am
unable to provide service (this has never happened) then I will do my best to
find another pet sitter for you who can and I will pay $50. This guarantee
does not apply to overnight service so be sure to schedule your overnights
ahead of time. This guarantee is also only available to clients for whom I
retain a key.

I guarantee that with 48 hours notice I will be able to provide service or I will
give you $50.... the following conditions apply:

  1. A maximum of 3 visits per 24 hour period while you are gone. I do not
    guarantee that I can schedule more.
  2. These visits are a maximum of 30 minutes each. I do not guarantee
    that I can schedule longer visits.
  3. You must allow me a 2 hour window of arrival time for each visit.
i.e. 8am-10am, 1pm-3pm etc
4.  You must be a existing customer for whom I retain a key.
5. The service you request must be similar in nature to services
 you have requested in the past. If you have moved, added new
 pets to your family or done anything else that significantly
 changes the nature of service the guarantee does not apply.

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