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Services and Pricing for Cat Care:
I offer a variety of pet sitting options to assist you in
caring for your cat.  If you are going on vacation and
attention they need, I can do that. If you need someone
to come by and feed and scoop for your shy cat, but
don't want to pay the higher price for longer visits, I
can do that also. Do your cats love to cuddle? I can do
an overnight stay. I also have a great deal of
experience with insulin injections and pilling.
Pet Taxi, Pet Supply Store Run, Etc.
I can shuttle your pet to and from veterinarian visits,  day care
or any place you would like. I can also make shopping trips for
you if you are too busy or unable to make them yourself. If
there is something you would like me to do that I have not
thought of please call and ask.
Other Charges that may apply:
Trip to get a key $10:The initial consultation is free (as a
credit to your bill). So have a key ready for me then. After the
initial consultation there is a $10 trip charge. I do offer
customers the option of retaining a key for future visits. This
will save you the trip charge. If you do not want me to retain a
key you can avoid the charge by hiding a key outside for me
beforehand, but this is not the preferred method.

Holiday Surcharge:
There is no extra charge for visits and walks on holidays. I'm a
pet sitter. Pet sitters work on holidays. That's the way it is.

After Hours Surcharge:
There is no extra charge for morning and evening visits.
Overnight Pet Sitting:  
I stay in you home for 12 hours in the
evening (usually 7PM to 7AM). I give
your feline plenty of attention. I also
keep an eye on your home as well as
watering house plants, bringing in
newspapers and mail, taking out trash
and anything else we discuss.
Overnight Stays are
$50 per night.
Visits While you are Away:
A standard cat visit is 30 minutes.
These can be done up to 3 times per
day. Includes a feeding scooping and
then its playtime! This is a great option
for affectionate cats but not so great if
you cat hides whenever strangers
come around
Standard Cat Visit:
These visits are $15 If
you have more than 3
cats a $5 charge will be
added for each
additional cat.
Short Visit:
A short visit is a quick visit to scoop
and feed. It is intended for those who
know their cat will hide when I come. It
is obviously not available if your cat
needs meds. It can never be
scheduled on an every-other-day
basis. These can be done up to 3
times per day. This is a great option
for frightened cats but not so great if
your cat loves people!
Shorter Cat Visit:
These visits are $10
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