Hello and welcome to my site. My name is Charles Sutton and I
have operated PDX Pets on the GO! since April 2007.  I provide
dependable pet care in Portland, Oregon.  Please call or email to
arrange a consultation!
  • I love animals.
  • I have many great local customer
    references. I have an extensive reference list
    and I encourage you to call my references
    before our initial meeting. If you are worried
    please call some references before the
  • I do not "pack walk". Your dogs will not be
    walked with other dogs. Your pets get personal
    attention from me and your pet and I build a
    relationship. There is no need to worry about
    dog fights or dogs sharing illnesses.
  • I do my own visits. No need to worry about a
    pet sitting referral service rotating employees
    and independent contractors.
  • 48 hour availability guarantee: If you are an
    established client and you call for service with
    48 hours notice I guarantee that I will  provide
    service. There is no additional charge for taking
    advantage of this guarantee. I am not the only
    Portland pet sitter to offer last minute service,
    but I am the only one who will not charge you a
    substantial last minute service charge. If I am
    unable to provide service you receive $50. Click
    here to find out about this guarantee.
  • I have been a dog walker since 2007 and
    have become well connected. If I were to
    have a medical emergency or some disaster
    took place and I was unable to get to your visit, I
    know many other pet sitters personally, who
    could help me take care of your pet.
  • I have some of the best rates  for 15-30
    minute dog walks, cat visits and overnight pet
  • I have been established for 5 years and I
    belong to many professional groups. I am
    member of the Oregon Pet Sitters Association
  • Easy cancellation policy: You are not
    charged for a canceled visit unless I am actually
    in my car on the way to do the visit or if I am
    already at the visit. If you are canceling the
    same day there is no charge if you call to tell
    me and then email me so I can adjust my billing
    records at the end of the day. This is super
    convenient if you have a hectic work schedule
    and want someone to take care of your pets
    while you are working. Very few  dog walkers
    offer this kind of flexibility.
  • Three year experience as a full-time pet
    sitter and a lifetime of experience
    providing care for dogs and cats of all
    types. Click here to see some of the many pets
    I have cared for.
  • First Aid Certification by the Red Cross
It is my goal to provide Portland pet
owners with reliable, trustworthy and
affordable pet sitting and dog walking
services.  I love my job and want to help
you care for your pet in any way that I
can. Once you are an established client,
I will be there for you. If you become
hospitalized, have a family emergency
such as a death in your family I will
provide pet sitting service for your pets
immediately. If you are a customer that I
retain a key for and you lock yourself out
I will bring you my copy. I attempt to meet
all the needs presented by my clients
and their varied schedules. So no matter
what you require, do not hesitate to call
and I will make every effort to meet any
specific needs that you have.
I realize that you would be there for your pet 24 hours a day if you
could, but that there are certain times when you just can't get away
from work (and you really need and deserve your vacation!)  I will make
sure your pets get the exercise and companionship that you would
normally give them. Even though I can't replace you, I can make them
as happy as possible until your return.
Why Choose Me?...
My Commitment to You...
With Love...
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Our walkers are trained by the Oregon Humane Society
Pet First Aid training by the American Red Cross
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PDX PETS on the Go ... Service you can depend on!
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my satisfied customer's pets!
Charles Sutton    (971) 212-4472
"Charles Sutton is my St. Bernard Nana's best friend! A neighbor noticed him
walking dogs in the neighborhood and got his phone and email address so I
could contact him. We arranged a schedule of three walks a week and have
been together over a year. He really impressed me last winter by only missing
one walk during last winters (2007) blizzard conditions. Nana sits in the
window and mopes until he arrives. She KNOWS her walk days!"  Mardi

"Charles has been caring for my dogs (mastiff and chihuahua) and cats on a
daily basis for over two years, and we love him. He is very dependable and he
cares about my critters. He is also flexible, and has helped out when I've
needed him at the last minute." Jodi

"Charles has been walking my two year old lab/standard poodle mix
(labradoodle) since August 07. My dog, Ted, has a compromised immune
system which requires regular medications including chemotherapy and a
daily anti-inflammatory medication (which makes him need more regular
bathroom visits). Charles is incredibly reliable and willing to help out beyond
the daily walk. For example, Charles has even escorted Ted to the vet on
more than one occasion. He truly cares for the animals he tends to and is
very professional. My dog Ted is a very satisfied customer and he and I
highly recommend Charles!‎" Jo Anna

"This service is the best!!! They have walked my 2 Jack Russells daily for the
past 2 years and I am comforted to know that I have found a dog walker who
truly cares for my pets as much as I do. I have also used them when I have to
travel. My pets love Charles, too. Thank you so much!" Fay
A reference list will be sent by email prior to the initial
consultation so you can speak with my customers and find out
what a great dog walker and pet sitter I am before I come to your
home. Here is what some of the people you talk to will say:
Referrals are the best
I offer a free pet
sitting or dog walking visit if
you recommend me to a
friend and they schedule
Great References:
PDX Pets on the GO!
Dependable Dog Walking and Pet Sitting
in Portland, Oregon. Since 2007.
Dog and Cat who love pet sitting!
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Are you a little worried about having someone in your home and trusting
them with your pets and everything you own? I understand that is why
before service begins I do my best to put you at ease...

  • I send you references that you should call.
  • Let you photocopy or write down the info that is on my Oregon drivers
  • Show you my pet sitting insurance paperwork and let you photocopy
    or write down any info you want.
  • Show you the title to my car, which I arrive in, you can verify my
    address and write down the VIN number and plate number.
  • Show you my USAA automobile and renters insurance card.
  • Bring ink and clean paper in case you would like to retain a copy of
    my fingerprints.
  • Allow you to photograph me.
  • Is this list starting to get silly? You get the point.
I Don't Want You To Worry...
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Dog walker and Pet Sitter Charles Sutton
Theses are some of my actual customers.
You will also be provided with a list of